YCare Chairman's Challenge

Entries will open 2019

The Chairman’s Challenge is more than just a run, it’s a run with a purpose to support & raise awareness on two (2) non-communicable diseases which are silently taking lives of people around the world, Botswana included, and these are DIABETES and CANCER.  It is also an individual challenge, to test your own ability, strength, resilience, endurance, going outside your boundaries or comfort zone, etc.  It is a challenge to encourage and promote sports activities, leading a healthy and active life style.  Running only requires your time, anybody can do it, it does not cost much.

 This run is for those adventurous at heart, willing to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, different and difficult and at the same time giving back to the community.

A camping experience coupled with the experience of a warm Botswana traditional cultures over 6 days should not be missed. The question remains, are you daring enough, can you be humbled and be broken?

What you have to bring

  • We have limited space or transport, should you be interested to join, you will therefore need to inform us in advance and try and coordinate with others to car-pool to your preferred starting point. all necessary camping equipment (Tent, sleeping bag, camp chair, mattress, Head torch/lamp)
  • Your Running gear to last you the challenge days
  • Medical kits (pain killers, massage oils, gels, sprays etc)
  • Your special food you want to eat e.g. energy bars, energy drinks, supplements etc.
in the village

General Information

Depending on the numbers of days you want to participate, we will charge nominal fee per day to cover for basic meal (B/fast and Dinner).

We welcome every runner/supporter who want to join us for 1 to 6 days on our challenge. The fee is P150.00/day for the catering. Since this is a fundraising charity event, you are encouraged to donate more. Should there be a need to arrange transport for all participants, then an additional contribution may be required, otherwise all are encouraged to arrange transport to where there would like to participate.

After registration you will receive an email with our banking details. Please transfer the money as soon as possible to help us in the planning of the event.

Feel free to contact us any time for any question

The Route from 2018

The challenges starts from Motlhabaneng Village in Bobibrwa District (eastern part of Botswana) to Sefhare in the Tswapong District.  18 Villages are target for this campaign as per below Table.

On average, runners will complete 65km per day, with stopovers at the villages to campaign and greet the communities who will be waiting at the Kgotla to listen to the messages given about Cancer and Diabetes and screening.


65 km
  • Monday 6 August
  • Mothlabaneng
  • Mathathane
  • Tsetsebywe


75 km
  • Tuesday 7 August
  • Tsetsebywe
  • Moletemane
  • Sefophe


73 km
  • Wednesday 8 August
  • Sefophe
  • Mogapi
  • Maunatlala


58 km
  • Thursday 9 August
  • Maunatlala
  • Mokokwana
  • Mosweu
  • Seolwane
  • Lerala


56 km
  • Friday 10 August
  • Lerala
  • Pilikwe


64 km
  • Saturday 11 August
  • Pilikwe
  • Maape
  • Ramokgonami
  • Mosopha
  • Sefhare

What we provide

Every runner must be willing to assist during the campaign, such as assisting in preparing meals cleaning up and pitching and taking down tents etc.

  • basic breakfast
  • snacks for the day (potatoes/oranges/bananas/sweets)
  • water on route
  • dinner in the evening

There will always be a support vehicle with the team (all you need during the run, must be loaded in that vehicle every morning), and Escort by the Botswana Police Services

What else

  • Be part of our team
  • Learn more about Botswana’s culture
  • Meet the village communities and leadership
  • Help us to talk to the people and raise health awareness